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Turquoise Rings for Women- Beautiful Green Ring

Turquoise is a semiprecious, oldest form of mineral, which is opaque and its color ranges from blue to greenish color.

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Buy Diamonds Jewellery OnlineTurquoise consists of hydrous phosphate of aluminum and copper. Among them, there are various designs of turquoise rings for women, Buy Diamonds In Thailand Online which are available in market and online. Nowadays, Buy Loose Diamonds Wholesale it is used as a gemstone that is used for various designs and manufacturing of jewelry products. We can find turquoise in aluminous rock containing copper around ground waters.

Turquoise is the oldest type of gem among other gemstones. It is derived from a Greek word ‘Turkish” which was named because the first transportation of this mineral was in Turkey. It is also said that, it was first discovered in Egypt over 3000 years ago. In many places of Tibet it was used as money as it was rare and valuable. This gemstone was more popular among countries like Egypt, North America and India. Indians use to use this gemstone for many religious purposes. Although, Turkey was the first country to start its trade, at present, Iran is the biggest manufacturer of this gemstone.

As compared to other gemstones like diamonds, sapphire, ruby and emeralds, turquoise is less expensive. The price of turquoise depends upon weight, carets and color. Choosing to buy personally is the best option as you can get fair deal and better warranty service. In the past, turquoise was considered even valuable than gold. If you want to purchase turquoise, you can find various designs and models of it in the local market as well as on the Internet. You can do shopping online or buy it personally. However, when humans discovered artificial ways to extract it, its value decreased significantly.

Furthermore, this stone is also founded to be very useful in to heal problems of lungs.

Turquoise rings for women are considered as more useful than being valuable. As other valuable gemstones, it is also known believed to be a good luck stone. It is also used as a means to get relieved from sorrow and grief. Many Eastern people believe turquoise rings help heal eye problems too. It is very popular among women because of it is considered to have healing ability. Furthermore, this stone is also founded to be very useful in to heal problems of lungs. Similarly, turquoise rings (adadiamonds.com) are also believed to provide better relaxation. So, women wearing turquoise are supposed to be lucky. From the ancient age to up to now it has various unique uses.

Buy Pink Diamonds OnlineVarious turquoise rings for women as well as other jewelry products such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. are used as a means to give gift to others. Besides that, it is also considerably cheap which tempts all class of people to buy it. As it comes with many advantages, all age groups of people accept it.

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Diamonds are easily the most popular. These gemstones are made from pure carbon and are considered rare, making them valuable and coveted by many. Some of the most expensive gemstones out there.

The price of diamonds varies greatly from country to country, depending on several factors. Nowadays, the rate of diamonds in the US is at$ 939.41.

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In general, diamonds are cheaper in other countries.

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Table of Contents

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Here Is the Average Cost of Diamonds Per Carat in Different Countries:



United Arab Emirates



Red Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds

Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds

Shop from Online Jewelers

Shop from Local Jewelers

Buy Diamonds from Wholesalers

Buy Loose Diamonds Wholesale

Here Is the Average Cost of Diamonds Per Carat in Different Countries:

Italy – $885.37
United Arab Emirates – $952.60
India – $413.56
South Africa – $859.86
Mexico – $917.78
Belgium – $885.34
Russia – $1,175.06
Japan – $769.27
Israel – $994.84
Netherlands – $885.34
Thailand – $842.82
China – $941.35

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They say that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” which can be true considering how many women covet diamonds and that they are always in demand.

Cheapest Place To Buy Diamonds In The World

These gemstones are used in different pieces of jewelry and watches. Any other item embellished with them screams luxury.

Diamonds are not only valuable, but they also make for subtle yet elegant pieces of jewelry that make a statement. This is why people love getting their hands on these precious gemstones without having to spend too much.

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In general, the closer a country is to the sources of diamonds, the lower the prices of these gemstones will be. This is because import costs. Added-value taxes add up to the selling price.


United Arab Emirates

As we all know, import costs significantly contribute to the prices of diamonds in the retail market.

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Thai jewelers get the goods directly from diamond cutters, where they do not need to pay import costs.


This is another country that is prominent in the diamond industry.

Diamonds are quite expensive, and you may wonder why.

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The truth is, even though you probably can find real diamonds at a nearby jeweler in your area, they are still considered rare.

From the number of diamonds being mined, only about 3o to 50% of them are deemed good quality to make it to the retail market.

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Diamonds are expensive because they generally cost a lot to bring to market, from mining to cutting to exporting to making their way to retail stores.

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And every year, diamonds are not getting cheaper. They are getting more. More expensive.

72 in June.

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One reason is inflation. With increasing fuel and export costs, diamonds are generally becoming more expensive as the years pass.

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Another reason that diamonds are getting more expensive is because they are becoming rarer, and supplies are becoming limited. As the years pass, more mines are reaching the end of their productivity.

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Currently, only 53 places in the world have enough diamonds that can be mined for commercial purposes, with the last one being discovered more than a decade ago.

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And as the supplies of diamonds become more limited while there is a huge demand, their market price increases. It is a simple application of the law of supply and demand.

In general, the price of a diamond varies depending on its cut, color, and clarity. However, the average price of diamonds differs from country to country.

There can be a huge difference in the prices of diamonds between countries. The price difference between countries in the same regions can be very small.

The price difference is attributed mainly to the cost of exporting and importing these gemstones. The closer a country is to the source of diamonds, the lower its market prices will be.

Some people spend more than this and even more than $10,000 on a diamond engagement ring.

There are a lot of things that are factored into the price of diamonds. Besides the cut, color, and clarity, other things are considered, such as import taxes and retail mark-ups.

As a basic rule in product importation, the more a product moves from one place to another, the more expensive it becomes because of the taxes.

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In some countries, diamonds are cheaper because import taxes are cheaper. These countries are where a lot of diamond mines are located. Plus, moving diamonds from the source to these countries does not generally take a lot.

After mining, these diamonds are sold to other countries participating in the diamond-cutting and trading industry.

Canada exports raw diamonds for cutting and polishing. In turn, it imports already cut and polished diamonds, ready for retail selling, where import and added-value taxes have already been applied.

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So in principle, it is significantly more practical and cheaper to buy diamonds in the countries where they are being cut, polished, and traded.

Most people know about clear or colorless diamonds, which are very common in different jewelry pieces. Did you know that there are colored diamonds?

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Yes, diamonds can come in different colors.

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These beautiful colors are caused by changes that are made to the chemical structure. These changes are rare, which makes colored diamonds unique.

These changes can create different colors, such as blue, yellow, pink, red, and other colors, all of which are formed naturally. This refers to the carat, cut, clarity, and color.

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Red Diamonds

These diamonds are the rarest among the colored diamonds.

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The beautiful red color comes from a rare process that changes the crystal structure of the diamond during its formation.

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These diamonds are so rare that, on average, they can cost more than $1 million per carat.

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Blue Diamonds

These diamonds are formed when the element boron replaces some of the carbon in the structure of the crystal.

These diamonds can come in different hues, from light blue to a deep, rich blue. On average, blue diamonds cost around $200,000 per carat.

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Pink Diamonds

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They are as rare as blue diamonds but tend to be more expensive because their demand is bigger. A pink diamond can easily cost around $700,000 per carat.

Yellow Diamonds

These diamonds are the most common among colored diamonds, making up more than half of the world’s supply of colored diamonds.

These diamonds are formed when the element nitrogen absorbs blue light in the diamond and produces a beautiful yellow color.

Yellow diamonds are the cheapest colored diamonds. A yellow diamond can cost $3,000 to $5,000 per carat.

Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are quite expensive because they are naturally formed, making them very rare. Lab-grown diamonds are a more affordable alternative to colored diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds look the same as colored diamonds.

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This means that they can be mass-produced.

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These diamonds are significantly cheaper than natural-colored diamonds. For example, a lab-grown blue diamond can cost $8500. This is far from the average price of a naturally colored blue diamond, around $200,000.

In countries where diamonds are cut, polished, and traded, the prices are significantly lower than those that only import them.

A loose diamond refers to a tiny piece of diamond that has already been cut. Polished but has not yet been made into a piece of jewelry.

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As consumers, we always want to get the best possible price when buying something.

This also applies especially to diamonds, which we know are quite expensive.

Here are the cheapest ways to buy diamonds:

Shop from Online Jewelers

In this day and age of advanced technology, you can buy almost everything online, including jewelry. Many online jewelry stores offer thousands of diamonds in different sizes and quality, so you are sure to find one that suits your budget.

However, authenticity is one important concern most consumers have when buying diamonds online. Online shopping makes it easy for many people to get scammed into buying a fake one.

In many online stores, the prices of diamonds can go as low as half of those found in retail stores, making you think that they may be too good to be true.

When buying online, make sure to buy from a reputable jeweler by checking their reviews from other customers. Also, make sure that the company has a return policy. Reputable jewelers have a return policy because they are confident that their products will not be returned for authenticity issues.

When buying from sellers on eBay, transact only with those who would agree to use an escrow account for payment so you can take the ring for appraisal once you receive it.

So when shopping from online jewelers, remember to exercise caution. If you happen to buy diamonds online successfully, you will be happy to find that you have saved a lot of money instead of buying from chain jewelers.

Shop from Local Jewelers

Another place where you can shop for diamonds is local jewelers.

While buying from these jewelers is more expensive than buying online, it will still be significantly more affordable than buying from chain jewelers.

Also, a lot of local jewelers offer better craftsmanship. If you want more unique pieces of jewelry that you cannot find in most retail stores, then going to a local jeweler is your best bet.

Buy Diamonds from Wholesalers

This is probably the cheapest way to buy diamonds. Wholesalers offer loose diamonds for very low prices, and you can choose from various cuts, shapes, colors, and sizes.

By doing this, you can get diamonds at wholesale prices. Then you can go to a local jeweler so they can design a piece of jewelry for you.

They can customize the design based on the diamonds you purchased from the wholesaler.

Apart from being the cheapest way to buy diamonds, buying from a wholesaler and having a piece of jewelry designed can guarantee that the piece you will be getting is one-of-a-kind and fits you perfectly.


When you buy Loose Diamonds on the Internet Shops

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Loose diamonds in India

Nowadays, loose diamonds are also becoming more well-known. Loose jewels are those that have not been place into a piece of jewelry.

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Buy Gold DiamondsThe main advantage of reduce precious rock is that it can be set in any type of steel with the type of style an individual wants.

While shopping around for a reduce precious rock at any jewelry (mouse click the up coming website) store or on the internet precious rock supplier be sure to ask each supplier for a 10X loupe. There are also such microscopes manufactured specifically for monitoring jewels and jewels. Location of the blemishes present in the precious rock. It is also essential to know about the nature. It is a top quality assigned to jewels so that you may effectively examine the core of the precious rock under magnification.

Loose jewels can also be purchased on the internet, but it is always better to see the actual rock before purchasing. Seeing the gem closely is also the only sure way to figure out things like its fire and elegance. A picture cannot help a purchaser to decide its top quality.

Diamonds come in more forms than any other gem. Diamonds as accessories are usually seen in small circular forms and baguettes. Popular earrings are usually circular or queen cut, though some may come in more fancy forms. Jewellery with spectacular table decorations are available in circular, ruby cut, heart, marquise, square, pear, queen, radiant, and billion.

As with all other jewelry, precious rock jewelry needs to be taken care of effectively to ensure durable wear and charm.

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Loose precious rock costs are determined by four aspects – carat weight, color, cut and top quality. When you buy loose diamonds on the internet shops, choose the colors that not only complement your jewelry style, but also fit into your cost range as well.

Loose Diamond Colour Chart

Diamonds To Buy Online

Diamond costs depend on four key elements – carat weight, color, cut and top quality. So, while selecting a precious rock stone, pick a color that not only suits your requirement, but also stays within your cost range. A white-colored or colourless precious rock is priced higher than a rock that has a dash of yellow-colored in it. To create a wise choice, you should first have an understanding of how jewels are evaluated based on their colors. Carat refers to the weight of a precious rock stone, while cut explains the technical details of the stone; the number of facets and aircraft on the precious rock. Loose jewels come in a plethora of colors and shades such as black, pink, yellow-colored, and more. When you are purchasing jewels on the internet, you should have an understanding of these aspects so that you can get the maximum value for your money. During the precious rock development process, many blemishes maybe formed inside the rock, which affect the high company’s rock.

They are of low top quality.

GIA has a precious rock color range that is used almost globally to top quality the hue of these jewels. Grades that identify these jewels are K, L and M. These jewels are comparatively inexpensive, and are usually not used in jewelry designs. The cost of near colourless jewels is considerably less than colourless ones. Low cleanliness rocks. The differences between these qualities are very minute. Can be recognized only by a trained expert. They are of low top quality. Have these loose diamonds set on silver steel and you can hardly find the difference between a colourless and near colourless precious rock. Let’s take a quick look at this color rating range. These rocks look great when set on platinum and white-colored silver or platinum, as these materials enhance the colourless effect of the rock.

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are diamond rings cheaper in india


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Like most buyers, while purchasing a diamond ring, you might have dedicated a lot of your precious time, searching for the best deal out there. India is one of the few countries where diamond – Suggested Resource site – mining, cutting, and trading goes on simultaneously. Like most articles floating on the internet, none of them divulge any deeper into this topic. But this is not the sole reason behind better prices. So, the closer you are to the source, the lesser the prices are going to be. So before taking a decision based on just a line that you have heard or read somewhere, give the following a read, to discover a bit more about this matter. It is due to the fact that diamonds are cut, as well as traded here. So, is it a fact or fiction?

The difference in the cost can be owed to the lower percentages of retail mark-up here, as compared to the rest of the world. So the lesser the mark-up, the lower will be the prices. Mark-up refers to the marginal costs that the retailer adds to the original price of the product.

Buy Loose Diamonds WholesaleAfter reading this, you may immediately set out to make your diamond purchase. But hang on, as there is much more to the story.

When you are ordering from outside your country, there is a chance that the marginal costs may add-up. This may be because of country-specific custom rules, shipping, and overhead costs, etc. Keep in mind, the retail price will vary hugely due to these add-ons.

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Another point to take into consideration is the cut or shape of the gemstone. But when it comes to princess, asscher, marquise cuts, Buy Loose Diamonds Online the prices are surprisingly high. You will manage to get a pretty decent deal on rings with these popular cuts. So, if you are looking for a diamond ring with a distinct cut and shape, then be ready to shell out a bit more.

The price of the diamond ring comprises of the cost of the gemstone and the metal of your choice. 22K gold is more expensive than its 18K, 14K, and 10K counterparts. So even if the diamond costs less, the price of the ring will invariably be driven up by the price of the metal.

The last and most important thing that you should know, is the structure of the big retail chains across the country. Check with yourself whether you are ready to spend on shipping costs or travel expenses. To avoid such price hikes, you can try to connect with local jewellers or you can opt for online retail brands. Online retail stores usually eliminate all those hidden costs, which leads to reduced prices. Do a bit of research and don’t compromise on quality while searching for better deals. These offline stores have a high mark-up value due to overhead costs like staff salary, store rentals etc. If you are planning to buy (Going Here www.petragems.com) from there, the prices are going to be much higher.

Pink or Yellow Diamonds, which Fancy Color Diamond should i Buy?

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– Post author By 1St
– Post date March 2, 2021

If you are on the hunt for fancy colored diamond jewelry, you are probably thinking about either yellow or pink diamonds, as these are the two most popular fancy diamond colors. Not only do they make a powerful statement, but they are also incredibly valuable and rare.

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Buy Diamonds In Thailand OnlineFor those who want to learn more about both of these exquisite, highly sought after fancy color diamonds, you’ve come to right place. We are going to go over what you need to know about pink diamonds and yellow diamonds. That way, you can make an informed purchase when you are ready.


Pink diamonds are nothing short of fascinating. The sheer beauty of a pink diamond makes you wonder how a rock so stunningly pink could be real…

A natural pink diamond is a type of diamond with a pink hue. It is categorized as a fancy colored diamond.

It is one of the rarest colored diamonds that exists, only second to red and blue diamonds, which are the rarest of all colored diamonds.

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While certain areas of the world are known to produce pink diamonds, such as India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia and Canada, the vast, vast But, the keyword is “was”, as the mine is now closed (as of 2020). This has made both the value and demand of pink diamonds rise drastically, albeit, the value has already been consistently increasing for over two decades. Again, pink diamonds are the rarest of rare diamonds, so even where they were known to be found, they were hard to find.

Kimberlite and lamproite are two of the deepest sourced igneous volcanic rocks. The difference between the two is kimberlite is produced in low-heat flow regions, whereas lamproites occur in high-heat flow region.

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What makes a pink diamond pink?

Unlike all other fancy colored diamonds, which have a unique color that is caused by chemical impurities that occur during the formation of the diamond, pink diamonds are not caused by chemical impurities and the exact reason for their pink color is still unknown by gemologists.

With other fancy colored diamonds, it is easy to determine how they got their color by simply looking at the chemical impurities. But, since pink diamonds don’t have any, all gemologists can do is theorize.

Some theories suggest that pink diamonds get their pink color due to the enormous pressure undergone during formation. However, others believe it is related to a seismic shock that impacted the stone’s molecular structure.

While it would be wonderful to know how pink diamonds get their color, the mystery behind it makes pink diamonds all the more intriguing. It is no doubt one of the most beautiful. Most intriguing gemstones on the planet.

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Colors and Intensity Levels of Pink Diamonds

Not all pink diamonds are created equal in terms of beauty. As such, the value of pink diamonds will vary.

Firstly, you have color. This is why some pink diamonds are described as purple-pink or orange-pink, with the first color describing the secondary color. The most valuable among pink diamonds are the ones with the most intense and purest colors of pink. Most pink diamonds come with a secondary hue (or overtone), such as purple, brown or orange. Although orangish-pink. Purplish-pink are very popular as well.

Next you have intensity. There is not just a simply point along a line with each grade. Overall, the richer and more saturated the color, the more expensive the pink diamond will – please click washingtonpost.com – be. It can be difficult for gemologists to determine a grade because each grade has a range itself.

Which Jewelry Stores Buy Diamonds

18k White/Rose Gold GIA 1.01ct Pink Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

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While less rare than pink diamonds, yellow diamonds hold the strongest market demand of all colored diamonds. They are more than just a beautiful diamond of yellow color, Buy Diamonds In Thaïlandais they are one of the biggest diamond jewelry statements of the decade.

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A yellow diamond is a kind of diamond with a yellow hue. When we refer to yellow diamonds, we mean a natural diamond with a rich yellow color. These vivid, beautiful yellow diamonds belong to the family of fancy colored diamonds. However, it is not to be confused with a low quality colorless diamond, which can have a yellow tinge.

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While diamonds with yellow color are very common, as low grade diamonds have a pale yellow color, a diamond with a rich yellow color is quite rare, albeit not as rare as orange, green, pink, blue and red diamonds.

Fancy yellow diamonds make up 60% of colored diamonds. Thus, they are not as common as colorless diamonds. However, in terms of diamonds as a whole, only 1 out of 16,5000 carats are yellow diamonds.

Yellow diamonds, like other colored diamonds, are found all over the world. Any diamond mine can produce a yellow diamond.

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Impurities are common among diamonds.

What makes a yellow diamond yellow? It’s like a fluke of nature. This is why diamonds vary so much in color grades. Fancy colored diamonds exist with different color combinations. Impurities are common among diamonds.

Diamonds become yellow due to impurities occurring during the formation process. However, a diamond with the right amount of impurity that leads to a beautiful saturated color is rare. With yellow diamonds, it is the existence of nitrogen molecules that absorb blue light.

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Color and Intensity Levels of Pink Diamonds

Not all yellow diamonds are “fancy” yellow diamonds, and fancy yellow diamonds are what you want as they are rare and valuable. Again, this is not a fancy yellow diamond, this is a low grade white diamond. With that, the price decreases as well. This is when the price starts to increase again.

As for secondary colors, like all other fancy colored diamonds, yellow diamonds can have a secondary hue. The most common color combinations for yellow diamonds are brown-yellow, green-yellow and orange-yellow.

Buy Diamonds Online Thailand

Color combinations are a complex matter, but to put it simply, the most sought after yellow diamonds are pure yellow diamonds or orange-yellow diamonds. These are the most valuable. Today, we are simply talking about pure fancy yellow diamonds. So, we won’t go into secondary hues any further.

Now, let’s go over some important comparisons between fancy pink diamonds and fancy yellow diamonds.

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Where Buy Diamonds

14.33ct Fancy Light Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring


Pink diamonds are far more rare than yellow diamonds. First of all, 90% of the world’s supply of real pink diamonds came from a mine that is now closed. In other words, only 1 out of 1,000,000 carats mined were pink diamonds.

Where To Buy Manufactured Diamonds

Buy Diamonds Jewellery OnlineAs for fancy yellow diamonds, they are found in many different mines around the world. Although they are still rare, with around 1 out of 16,500 carats being categorized as a fancy yellow diamond, this makes them considerably more common than pink diamonds.


Yellow diamonds have the highest market demand of any fancy colored diamond. However, among other colored diamonds, pink diamonds are the only one that come close to matching the demand of yellow diamonds.

But here’s the thing, popularity, demand and price don’t necessarily line up. With prices increasing month over month, it’s no wonder why the demand is so incredibly high. The value of pink diamonds is sky-rocketing as the supply is decreasing. Because of this, yellow diamonds have become extremely popular. So, while not as popular (or better yet, commonly seen) as yellow diamonds, the demand is just as strong. This has, of course, made the demand increase drastically. Yellow diamonds have a higher supply and they are priced similarly to white diamonds, which makes them more accessible to the average person. With celebrities and influential people around the world (both men and women alike) showing off their yellow diamonds, more and more people want yellow diamond jewelry. Yellow diamonds have become the diamond fashion trend of the 21st century.

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18k White Gold GIA 1.01ct Pink Pearshape Diamond Engagement Ring

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A lot of people ask us if pink diamonds are more expensive than yellow diamonds, and the answer is a resounding yes. This allows them to be priced at a very high premium. Pink diamonds are far more rare.

Vivid pink diamonds can range from $30,000 to $100,000 per carat, which is 20 times the price of a white diamond. Whereas fancy yellow diamonds are priced similarly to a higher grade white diamond. The opposite would be true with a pink diamond (the bigger it gets, it becomes even more valuable than a high grade colorless diamond of a similar size). This is especially true as the carat size increases.

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18k Two Tone GIA Certified 4.05ctw Radiant Diamond Ring

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We have an exquisite collection of both fancy pink diamond jewelry. Yellow diamond jewelry for you to choose from.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before coming in.

See some of our pink diamond jewelry

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See some of our yellow diamond jewelry

We have many of our finest pieces in the back. We will show you our private collection. So, if you want to see some more fancy pink diamond and yellow diamond jewelry, just ask us.

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