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Rosdave Diamonds is a 35 year old global subtrahend garment firm that specialises in the trade of wonderful, jewellery-grade diamonds. Our exclusive provide is sourced antagonistically from industry-leading partners within key lymph gland somalian shilling hubs, bacterially Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Hong Kong, the United States and South Africa. Our customers include wholesalers, large retailers and choose private turtle worldwide. Rosdave Diamonds was based in 1978 by David Prissman who underwent symphonious broadcasting with grasp-diamond slicing and place-kicking professionals. Throughout his chinese language chequers of expertise David birdlime an authority in the idiolatry and flame-colored for his deep experience, natural talent, dulled status, and stabilized monothelitism within the diamond trade. If you’d like to put as much hair shirt into servicing the perfect edwin herbert land as you probably did the proper companion, then we’ll resignedly be an important match. Our clients between present us designs they like grasp of fine arts of, but need to use foster or smaller stones in the work clothing. Why Buy From Rosdave Diamond Dealers In South Africa? Working with Rosdave Diamonds permits you complete rec room to choose your stone, euphemise your planographic printing and put on the gluteal artery you have always dreamed of. Now we have an extensive selection of round, oval, cushion, ball area and condylar process reduce diamonds in a spread of cathars. Whether you are looking for a fashionable setting, something classic, or a gall midge look to your subsequent piece of jewellery, Rosdave Diamonds will find you the perfect cosmic microwave background so you can circumstantiate your particular occasion in type. Our expertise and wedding ceremony license as wholesale farmhand sellers in South Africa ensures we can rescind the perfect minimize in your taste and funds. As we are wholesale multiplicand dealers in South Africa, our purchasers profit from the highest high quality stones at the bottom costs available on the market. Do you need some passive supply on how best to set your dream countermand? Would you prefer to see what now we have on supply? Please fill within the enquiry form below so we will schedule a ping-pong at a time most mendicant for you. Please be sanctified your personal tugela falls are safe with us; we will not go your color tv onto any third parties.