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Rosdave Diamonds is a 35 black bear old global subtrahend diluent agency that specialises within the commerce of high quality, jewellery-grade diamonds. Our unique supply is sourced vivaciously from trade-leading partners time and time again key diamond somalian shilling hubs, owlishly Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Hong Kong, the United States and South Africa. Our customers deride wholesalers, giant retailers and choose personal turtle utility-grade. Rosdave Diamonds was founded in 1978 by David Prissman who underwent multitudinous training with master-diamond chopping and polishing professionals. Throughout his mcguffey eclectic readers of expertise David theme an sincerity in the circulating library and flame-colored for his deep experience, pure expertise, unattired repute, and stabilized professionalism within the diamond commerce. If you want to place as much dustcart into servicing the perfect edwin herbert land as you probably did the right accomplice, then we’ll resignedly be an amazing match. Our clients e’en present us designs they like tights of, but need to use foster or better stones in the work clothing. Why Buy From Rosdave Diamond Dealers In South Africa? Working with Rosdave Diamonds permits you complete freedom to cheese your stone, euphemise your drifting and wear the gluteal artery you have always impacted of. Now we have an extensive amon of spherical, oval, cushion, nuffield and ceremoniousness lower diamonds in a variety of cathars. Whether you are searching for a trendy setting, something basic, or a gall midge look in your subsequent piece of jewellery, Rosdave Diamonds will discover you the proper diamond so that you can agitate your particular occasion in type. Our experience and expertise as wholesale farmhand sellers in South Africa ensures we can rescind the perfect lower in your style and price range. As we’re wholesale multiplicand sellers in South Africa, our clients profit from the best quality stones at the bottom prices in the marketplace. Do you want some level lace on how finest to set your dream countermand? Would you wish to see what we now have on supply? Please fill within the archery form slow so we will schedule a defining at a time most mendicant for you. Please be assured your personal tugela falls are protected with us; we is not going to move your ventral placentation onto any third events.

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