Why Most Buy Diamonds In Thailand Fail

Top Five Reasons to Buy Polki Diamond Jewellery

Polki is a diamond that is a natural, uncut or semi-cut stone. Since it is a natural diamond, you should not compare it with a lab-made bright diamond.

Can You Buy Diamonds In Thailand

Buy Diamonds Jewellery OnlineHere are five reasons why you should buy polki:

An investment for a lifetime: Polki is considered an heirloom and a matter of pride and honour to own. A touch of tradition: Polki spells tradition, and jewellery made of these diamonds such as earrings are invariably a part of a woman’s wedding day collection. Polki uses diamonds that are uncut, while kundan uses imitations in glass. Taking care of your polki sets Polki jewellery is a symbol of love. It is a good feeling to have a stone that is pristine and not artificial. Scope for intricate work/craftsmanship: Polki comes in exquisite and intricate work, and makes your ensemble look great! It is important that you take good care of such pieces. Polki is all about heritage: This legacy has travelled far and wide, Buy Canadian Diamonds Online to several countries across the world. Polki is often compared to kundan, but there are a lot of differences between the two. Absolutely free of synthetic elements: Polki diamond jewels are not treated with any synthetic processes to boost colour; in that sense they are fully natural. It is an investment for a lifetime – so if you spend on it once, you are bound to treasure it for your life.

– Because it is intricate and delicate, you need to make sure that you don’t keep them in some random box along with other metal stuff or jewellery. Essentially, keep away any chemicals that could change the look and composition of your jewellery. Keep them safe in a dry place or wipe them dry even if there is the slightest moisture. – You should not allow moisture to come in contact with your polki diamond jewellery as well. Ideally, you should wrap your polki in a butter sheet or a soft cloth, preferably muslin, so there won’t be any oxidisation. – Never clean it with soapy water like you would do with some other pieces of jewellery or they will get oxidised. – Don’t allow any form of sprays or perfumes to come in contact with your polki sets. – Also, store the jewellery in a dust-free container made exclusively for such jewels.

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