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The mine was decommissioned in 2020 and will be rehabilitated and returned to indigenous landowners. Get the skinny and shop a curation of thoughtfully designed jewelry…

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This is a sampling of melee representing the wide spectrum of Pink Argyle Diamond hues, courtesy of JFine Diamonds for the purpose of education

The topic of pink diamonds is a riveting (and vast) one. This means that each certified diamond is sustainably and ethically sourced – protecting both people and resources.

In the current dialog of “natural versus lab grown” gemstones, one factor not often considered is a human one. Being conscious about what “ingredients” are in jewelry and choosing to support mining communities that follow ethical and sustainable practices (artisanal or industrial for any gemstone) enables local economies to thrive. Natural resources found in remote parts of the world are critical to those local economies and communities.

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Beyond being empowered to know what questions to ask when buying any gemstone, many brilliant designers are happy to create bespoke jewelry with materials that are beautiful and responsibly sourced.

As always, I would be delighted to help you make an informed decision on a gemstone or designer jewelry you will LOVE!

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What color are Argyle Pink Diamonds?

While pink diamonds are very rare, they occur in a wide spectrum of hues from the palest blush through cherry blossom, soft rose to raspberry, and a dramatic red. The range is so vast that a proprietary nomenclature is used during the pink diamond grading process. Important color factors regarding value are hue, tone, and saturation.

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For example, there are nine color categories, a few of which are: purplish pink, pink, pink rosé, pink champagne, blue violet, and red. Some categories are more rare (blue violet and red) and therefore command an even higher market value. Most of these categories include ten variations of light to intense hues. Generally speaking, the more intense colors command a higher market value.

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responsibly sourced gemstones

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Where are pink diamonds found?

Read this important blog post about Russian diamonds to avoid funding conflict.

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There is a movement in the artisanal and industrial gem mining industry to mitigate environmental impact and collaborate with local communities to ensure safer, respectful, and fair mining practices. Traceability in the diamond supply chain is critical to address due to conflict.

Now that the mine is closed, the land is being rehabilitated and will be returned to the traditional owners in accordance with their wishes.

Here’s a peek at the decommissioning process. giant crushing machines) will be dismantled for removal with extreme care. Inorganic material. Underground operations (i.e.e. The (very remote) mine is like a small town: 250 miner’s cabins, a mess hall, conveyor belts, processing plants, tons of mining equipment, and a museum.

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The remaining rehabilitation will take place above ground over the next 5 – 10 years until the land is passed back to the traditional landowners. The future of what the site will become is still in discussion – but will be determined by them.

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of the world supply of pink diamonds originates from the Argyle Diamond mine

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What are the metaphysical properties of diamond?

This gemstone attracts fortitude, fearlessness, and courage.

Just as our ancient ancestors believed gemstones were imbued with special properties, such as protection, wisdom, or courage, today we are empowered by the metaphysical properties of gemstones to manifest what we wish to create.

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You may be interested in our guide to manifest your intentions with gemstones and jewelry!

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For the small percentage that are, it would be to improve clarity or alter the color. Such enhancements would be noted on a report from a credentialed lab.

On the topic of treatment of any kind with any gemstone, knowledge is power because it always impacts value.

How hard are PINK DIAMONDS?

diamonds can scratch any other gemstone

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Why diamond engagement rings are great options

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It is the degree of mineral “hardness”, measured by the resistance which a smooth surface offers to abrasion: 1 (soft) to 10 (hard). For example, an 8 will scratch a gemstone that is a 7 or below. Simply put, the softer the stone, the more careful you need to be about wearing that stone in jewelry that may be exposed to more wear.

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Do diamonds scratch easily?

This is a question you’re most likely to ask when buying gemstones and jewelry. Knowing how hard diamonds are (or any other stone) will help you to determine whether it is an everyday gemstone or an occasional piece.

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Diamond is at the top of the scale at 10. Be aware that because they are the hardest of stones, diamonds can scratch and damage softer stones that they may come in contact with. Note that diamonds with a lot of inclusions can be more fragile. It is important that diamond jewelry be stored separately (for example in its own box or pouch) to ensure it will encounter less contact with softer stones. Therefore break with accidental contact with hard surfaces.

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What does sustainably and ethically sourced jewelry mean?

Women and men at the forefront of this global conversation will have slightly different perspectives, but there is a shared ethos: responsible sourcing.

This encompasses traceability, conflict-free, protecting people, their skills, and the environment – be it land or sea.

The purpose is to create shared definitions of key terms within the jewelry industry for use by the trade and the public. The project was launched to increase transparency throughout the supply chain, by building consensus on definitions for key terms and creating accountability for their usage.

How to care for diamond jewelry

A few jewelry care basics can keep your pieces looking their best, avoid damage and loss of gemstones.

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WEAR: When dressing for day or night, jewelry should be the last thing on and the first thing off. Contact with chemicals such as fragrance, hairspray, nail polish remover, household cleaners, and chlorine can harm jewelry.

Remove jewelry when cleaning, gardening, swimming, or playing sports, as contact with hard surfaces can scratch, damage, or loosen stones in prongs.

CHECK SETTINGS AND STONES: Inspect jewelry before wearing it to check if the stones are chipped, loose, or rattle in settings.

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CLEANING: All precious metals, gemstones, and pearls should be cleaned regularly, but require different care. For those at 6 or below, replace the toothbrush with a tightly woven microfiber or other soft cloth. Avoid using steam and ultrasonic cleaners – especially if your jewelry is set with colored gemstones that are not diamonds. For example, ultrasonic cleaners can crack opals, shatter pearls or diminish their appearance.

● See our full guide to How To Clean Fine Jewelry.

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STORAGE: Keep jewelry individually stored in a pouch or box to avoid scratches and abrasions from other gemstones and metal, as well as general tangles and dents.

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INSURANCE: For any jewelry of significant value, be sure to have it appraised, file any provenance and gemstone report in a secure place, and be sure to have it insured.

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